Navigate chat tabs

You can use keyboard navigation to move between the private chat conversation tabs in the Chat panel.

If you want to know when a new private chat message has been received, enable the audible notification Private Chat Message Received. To learn more, see Audible Notifications.

  1. Press F6 to cycle keyboard focus to the Chat panel.
  2. Press Tab twice to move to the currently open conversation tab. By default, this is the Room conversation.
  3. Use the arrow keys to move to the conversation tab you want.
  4. Press Space to open the conversation.

When you have many conversation tabs, they are added to a drop-down list to the right of the displayed conversation tabs. Use the following steps to open a conversation tab in the menu:

  1. From your currently open conversation tab, press Tab. The focus moves to the conversation drop-down list. If no conversation drop-down list exists, focus moves to the collaboration toolbar.

  2. Press Space to open the menu.
  3. Use the arrow keys to move to the conversation you want.
  4. Press Space to open the conversation.

Navigate between content modes

When you open a new session, the whiteboard is your default content mode. You can also access application sharing and web tour. Use keyboard navigation or keyboard shortcuts to move between content modes and keyboard navigation to move within content modes.

To switch to a content mode, you must be a moderator or a participant with permission to use that mode.

Navigation within each content mode is unique and described in the following topics:


You can use your keyboard instead of your mouse to select a menu option. Mnemonic and keyboard shortcuts-including hot keys-save time. You do not have to complete multiple steps, such as clicking a menu and then clicking an option. Also, you do not have to take your hand off the keyboard to issue the command.

Mnemonic and standard keyboard shortcuts are enabled only when you have input focus on the web conferencing window. Focus is not required for hot keys.

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