What are channels?

Channels in Blackboard Open Content are a mechanism for users to organize and group content together in an ad-hoc fashion. Users may subscribe to channels that allow subscription, and add content to channels that are open for contribution. Channels are a social collaboration tool that allows users to share with other users who are interested in similar topics and types of content.

Can I create a channel?

Yes. Anyone within Blackboard Open Content can create and moderate channels. To create a channel, navigate to the Create page and select Channel from the options.

What options are available when creating a channel?

Aside from the channel title, description, and logo, channel owners can select other options when creating a channel.

Much like other items in Blackboard Open Content, permissions set the availability of a channel and rights other users have to a channel:

  • The View and Subscribe option determines which users are allowed to view and subscribe to the channel. The options available are Everyone (all Blackboard Open Content users) or the institution of the user who created the channel (the institution name appears in the drop-down list).

  • The Contribute option determines which users are allowed to contribute content items to the channel. The options available are All subscribers (everyone subscribed to the channel) or Only Myself (only the creator of the channel).

Using these settings, a channel owner can decide who has access to a channel, as well as who can contribute to a channel.

What rights does a channel owner have?

A channel owner has ultimate control over items and metadata added to a channel. No other user can override an action taken by a channel owner.

How do I add content to a channel?

To add content to a channel, a user must first be subscribed to the channel they want to add content to. Also, the channel permissions must be set to allow that user to contribute to the channel. If these settings are aligned, a user can select to add to the channel from the Add dialog available on resource preview and from search results listings.