For Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) to work properly, data must be passed from a Learning Management System (LMS) to Blackboard Open Content. Minimally, this data includes a non-personally identifiable ID for students. Instructors and administrators must create a Blackboard Profile to use Blackboard Open Content. If personally identifiable data is allowed to be passed from the LMS to Blackboard Open Content, both the instructor and the student experience using Blackboard Open Content can be greatly enhanced.

An LMS administrator must configure Blackboard Open Content before it can be used. As part of this initial configuration, personally identifiable information about the admin will be sent to Blackboard Open Content. 

Blackboard Open Content is able to make use of the following integration capabilities for conveying identity in Blackboard Open Content: 

  • Blackboard Profiles
  • Learning Tools Interoperability
  • LMS-Blackboard Open Content integration Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) 

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