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Finding the Right Help

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How to Navigate Help

Blackboard help is organized by version and by role. You can select the right version of the help from the controls under the search bar.

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Role is easy to understand: you can view the help for students, instructors, or administrators. But how do you know what version of Blackboard Learn your institution is using?

How to Determine Your Version of Learn

On your Blackboard site's login page, click Installation details at the bottom of the page.  

The Installation Details identify the version of Blackboard Learn that you are using and it also lists the capabilities that your institution licenses. Notes throughout the help system will identify if a particular capability is necessary to use a feature. 

The following example tells you that your institution is currently on Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 14.

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9.1.14 indicates the release is 9.1 and the Blackboard Learn service pack is SP 14. The rest of the number identifies the particular build. Only administrators will be interested in this portion of the number.

The following example tells you that you are on Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 9:

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9.1.9 indicates the release is 9.1 and the service pack is SP 9. The rest of the number identifies the particular build. Only administrators will be interested in this portion of the number.

Help for Earlier Service Packs

This site contains content for Learn SP 10 and later, but also includes links to help for SP 6 through SP 9 in the old format on  If you are on SP 6 or later, you can access the help for your version by selecting the right version from the controls under the search bar.

To access the help for these versions in another language, replace the language code portion of the target URL (EN-US/NAHE) with your 4-letter country code, such as FR-FR for French. For K-12 and ProEd, use EN-US/K12 and EN-US/ProEd, respectively.

If you are on an service pack prior to SP 6, you can download the PDFs and host them locally. Click the desired language to download the complete PDF documentation package (ZIP). If the only language listed is English (en_US), the help was not translated for that version. You should download the help for the previous service pack.

Help for Earlier Service Packs
Version PDFs in Available Languages
Learn 9.1 SP 5 English (en_US)
Learn 9.1 SP 4  English (en_US)
Learn 9.1 SP 3 English (en_US) | Arabic (ar_SA) | Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN) | Chinese, Traditional (zh_TW) | Dutch (nl_NL) | French (fr_FR) | German (de_DE) | Italian (it_IT) | Japanese (ja_JP) | Spanish (es_ES)
Learn 9.1 SP 1 & SP 2 English (en_US) | Arabic (ar_SA) | Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN) | Chinese, Traditional (zh_TW) | Dutch (nl_NL) | French (fr_FR) | German (de_DE) | Italian (it_IT) | Japanese (ja_JP) | Spanish (es_ES)
Learn 9.1 GA English (en_US)

Where to Find More Information

In addition to Help, use these resources to help you find the information that you need:

  • On Demand Learning Center: The On Demand Learning Center includes dozens of video tutorials and Getting Started Guides to help faculty and students learn how to use Blackboard Learn.

  • YouTube Blackboard Channel: You can also browse the Blackboard YouTube channel for other videos, including the "Quick Hit" videos, many of which are featured on this site.

  • Ask the Doctors: Ask the Doctors is a discussion board where users can get answers from other users. The Doctors forums are moderated by a group of client experts who can help you with a wide-range of questions.

  • Behind the Blackboard:

    • Students and Faculty can access the public portions of this site, which provide links to various self service and community resources, including listservs. Blackboard listservs provide a quick way to get your questions answered or make your opinions known.

    • Administrators must log in to Behind the Blackboard to access information about support tickets, software downloads, and the support knowledge base.

  • Upgrade Center: Administrators can log in to the Upgrade Center to access the information and resources needed to help you make and execute a plan to upgrade to Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1.

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