Miscellaneous updates

Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q4 2019

  • Course Copy performance has been improved. The time to create copies, exports, and archives are all improved.
  • Course Copy handling for links has been improved. Previously, if link URLs were manually copied from the details page for a resource in the Content Collection and added to the Content Editor, these links would break on course copy. The Course Copy procedure now attempts to identify common scenarios of bypassing the linking process with a URL cut-and-paste to allow access for users in the new course.
  • The 360 view for a resource in the Content Collection has been improved to more accurately display the various ways the resource can be used.
  • Empty searches in Content Collection are now restricted to prevent accidental long-running searches that have negative performance impact.
  • Numerous libraries have been updated to improve security and performance, including a number of Spring libraries.
  • Pearson MyLab and Mastering are now supported in Partner Cloud (Content Market). The Building Blocks can continue to be used for existing links but aren’t necessary for new uses. Visit Behind the Blackboard for more information on the Pearson MLM Partner Cloud integration and migration tool, including system requirements and admin guide.
  • Accessibility improvements
  • A cloud-based implementation of Grades Journey is enabled in this release—an enhancement through platform feature. This Grades Journey capability will allow more rapid response in the future to the continuously evolving and changing behaviors of student information systems (SIS). The existing Grades Journey capability can continue to be used as-is, even after the introduction of the cloud-based capabilities.
  • For users of Analytics for Learn, the standalone Building Block to enable Analytics for Learn is no longer necessary with this release.