Customize your 404 error page to show when visitors stumble upon a webpage that may be temporarily unavailable, one that no longer exists, or even when they mistype a URL. 

Create your custom 404 page

  1. In the Site Manager, navigate to Configure, select System Settings, then select the template tab.
    The workspace settings in the WCM application with a focus on the template settings
  2. Under 'Customize your 404 error page' settings, select 'Use custom content for my 404 error page'.
    404 page template settings with a focus to select customisation

Your custom 404 error page is enabled to show instead of the default 404 error page.

Customize the 404 error page

  1. Type or paste your content under Title and Message that will appear as the H1 and the message body on the 404 error page to your website visitors.
  2. You can preview how the customization looks on the 404 page before publishing it using the Preview option.
  3. Select Save to save the customization and publish your 404 error page.
    a Custom 404 page template