Common Uses for Language Packs

Language packs are used for more than displaying Blackboard Learn in a different language. The following sections provide some examples of language pack use.

Language variation by locale

Locales reflect the regional differences that occur within a language. To make users more comfortable with Blackboard Learn, a new locale can be created for use in a particular region. English is a good example. Many English-speaking countries and regions use different expressions. As a result, each region might require a different locale bundle:

Locale Description
en_US The locale designating English as spoken in the United States of America.
en_UK The locale designating English as spoken in the United Kingdom.
en_AU The locale designating English as spoken in Australia.

Institution roles

Language packs can be used to display instructions and procedures so that users can perform tasks in a way mandated by your institution. These instructions can be displayed for particular roles. For example, your institution's grading scheme can be displayed in the Grade Center to reinforce the use of that scheme by faculty.


Institutions can use language packs to brand Blackboard Learn. Institution colors, mascots, and other cultural icons can replace the default images.