This table identifies the supported paths for importing or restoring a course that was exported or archived from an older learning management system. Certified paths are fully tested and supported by Blackboard. Compatible paths are not fully tested but should function correctly based on past performance.

Paths for importing and restoring courses are not backward compatible. Courses may be imported or restored to a newer version, but courses from a newer version may not be imported or restored to an earlier version.

Supported Paths for Importing and Restoring Courses
Source Support
Blackboard Learn Release 9.1 Certified
Blackboard Learn Release 9.0 Certified
Blackboard Academic Suite Release 8 Certified
Blackboard Academic Suite Release 7 Certified
Blackboard Academic Suite Release 6 Certified
Blackboard ML Certified
Blackboard 5.5* Certified
Blackboard 5.0* Compatible
CourseInfo 4 Not Supported
Blackboard Vista and CE 8.0.5 or higher Certified
Blackboard Campus Edition 4.1.7 Certified
ANGEL LMS 8.0 Certified
ANGEL LMS 7.4 Certified
ANGEL LMS 7.3 Not Supported

*Blackboard 5 and Blackboard 5.5 did not include an archive and restore function. Courses from these releases may be imported, but courses can't be restored with user data and interactions intact.