When the Cloud is enabled, user profiles are created automatically for users. All data associated with Blackboard's Cloud Services, including Social Profiles and other Social tools, is hosted in Blackboard's Cloud infrastructure.

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User profiles in Learn

Profiles let users establish an online identity so they can discover each other and share their academic resume with classmates and potential employers. Updated profiles, also known as Enhanced Cloud Profiles, are integrated with MyEdu, extending a user's academic resume beyond the institution walls and to where employers are looking.

Determine if your institution's profiles are updated

Profiles vs. user accounts

A profile isn't the same as a user account.

  • A user account is a reflection of a user's registration information at your institution. Users can edit their user account information by editing their personal information.
  • A profile is a reflection of how a user wants to present himself or herself to peers, classmates, instructors, and employers. In Blackboard profiles, users decide what they want to be called, what their academic interests are, and anything else they want to share.

Profiles are stored in the Blackboard cloud—not at an institution. This means that a user can keep their profile through their academic and professional life. If they enroll at a different institution or join the workforce, they can maintain their academic relationships and networks using the same profile.

The user's Blackboard Learn account passes first name, last name, and the user's current course and organizations enrollments to the cloud service. Changes to fields like name or email in the profile do not alter or affect similar fields in Learn.

Profile storage

Because profiles are cloud-based, they're stored in the Blackboard Cloud and won't affect your Learn storage capacity.

At the time of launch for the Social Profiles & Tools, our cloud infrastructure will include services and components hosted both within Blackboard Managed Hosting data centers in Reston, VA, and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Profile and Social data will reside within the US-based AWS-hosted components. Currently, all of the cloud services data is hosted in the United States.

One of the benefits of cloud-based services is the flexibility they provide to leverage multiple infrastructure platforms, so the details of our service deployments across infrastructure platforms may change over time.

Do you have the updates?

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How to Determine if You Have Profiles Updates
Updated Profiles (Enhanced Cloud Profiles) Profiles Not Updated
If you see a Blackboard + MyEdu welcome screen or a profile page that allows you to add work experience, you have the profiles updates installed. For information that applies to your system and students using profiles, see Profiles Updated. If you see a profile page with an area for posts, you have profiles without the updates. For information that applies to your system and students using profiles, see Profiles Not Updated.

Upgrade to enhanced cloud profiles

Profiles are included in the Social Learning Tools Building Block. Blackboard released an update to this building block in May 2014 that included Enhanced Cloud Profiles, which leverage the MyEdu profile experience and allow students to showcase work experience, projects, organization memberships, and competencies. With the update, users can carry their educational identities outside the institution and share them with not only peers but also employers. Learn profiles are now connected to profiles on MyEdu, a site dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and position them for career success.

Instructions on how to upgrade the Social Learning Tools Building Block, including updating profiles, can be found in the May 2014 Release Notes.

More information on profiles

Learn more about configuring profiles for your institution:

  • Privacy settings
  • Profile pictures
  • Monitoring inappropriate content
  • Merging profiles
  • Deleting a profile

Profile avatars

Cloud user profile avatars are different from local Learn user account avatars.

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