Winter, rain, or shine

Weather-related emergencies require quick communication to members of your district and schools. Expecting weather conditions to change in your area? Don't be caught off-guard.

Prepare for Bad Weather

  1. District administrators should make sure there is a message in the Message Library available in the School Messages area for weather conditions.
    Pre-write a weather-related message and set the delivery options for school administrators to send to students and parents during any emergencies.

    Check out Use Message Library.

  2. Review your communication data to ensure you're delivering emergencies to the correct addresses and phone numbers.

    Generate the Bad Phone/Email report to update any contact information.

  3. Be sure you know how to send emergency messages through the Blackboard Communications HQ app, in case you need to send an emergency message while on-the-go.
  4. If your district uses the Blackboard Mobile Communications app, now is the time to encourage parents, students, and staff to download the app.

    Need help advertising the use of the Blackboard Mobile Communications app? Check out promotional materials.

Think you're ready?

Test out your emergency messages by sending yourself a copy. Be sure to select yourself ONLY as a recipient of the emergency message.