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The purpose of a app icon button is to take a user to another page to get specific information, whether that be to a different page in the app, on the internet, or a 3rd party page (such as a lunch payment site).

Overview of icons

Some buttons are default buttons, and take users to other places within the app. These types of buttons cannot be deleted, nor can buttons that link to within the app be created. Here is a table of the most common icons.

App Feature Description
The Stream brings all the newest information from the app to one single place. You can view upcoming calendar events, recent notifications, recent news topics and posts/tweets, and images.
The Calendar let's you know all about the upcoming events happening at your school or district. Plan your schedule with confidence.
The Notifications keeps you in-the-know with everything that is happening at your school and district. Select the information you want to know such as grades and attendance.
Tip Line
Use the Tip Line to submit information concerning bullying, or to offer a suggestion to your school.
The News contains all the different news feeds available at your school. Select the stories you want to view.
The Directory displays the staff members and different organizations (schools within your district).
Sports The Sports allows you to stay on top of your favorite school sport teams. Check out scores, websites, and news. You can choose the teams to follow.
View the school's stored images in the Photos area. Select the feeds for the pictures you want to view.
Student Info
The Student Info button is where you go to log into the app. After you log in, the icon is updated to your information and the information of your children. Access each child to view their attendance, grades, and any balances. Select your icon to update your contact information.
School Finder
The School Finder button allows you to see what school boundaries you reside in.
View the Superintendent biography and any news feeds concerning your district superintendent.
Lunch Menu
View the upcoming Lunch Menu to plan for your children's break.
Check out your district or school's Facebook feeds. You can choose what Facebook page to look at, which is great if you want to focus on one school in the district. Only one Facebook feed can be viewed at a time.
Check out your district or school's Twitter feeds. You can choose what Twitter account to look at, allowing to focus on a specific school. Only one Twitter feed can be viewed at a time.
Check out your district or school's YouTube feed.
The Resources button is a place where school and district administrators can store web links and PDF files. You can view the resources available.
Use Settings to control certain functions of the app. Select your preferred language, configure the alerts you want, and select the organizations (schools) to follow.
School Flyers Check out any school flyers your district added for upcoming events. This feature is an extra, third-party app.
Payment Options Your district may provide you with options to reimburse cafeteria or library funds. This feature is an extra, third-party app.
Bus Routes Your district or school may post bus routes including changes to existing routes.

Create a new button

You can create new icon buttons to appear in your district or school mobile app.

  1. After logging into the Blackboard Communications HQ website, select Settings > App Config.
  2. Select the Global App Settings button.
  3. Select the Icon Order tab.
  4. Select the New Link Icon button.
  5. Set the icon details:
    • Type the name of the icon in the Title box.
    • Type the URL for the app in the Links to box.

      This link will be the location the user will access when clicking the icon.

      - OR -

    • Select the Apps link to launch another app from within your district or school app. This feature is dependent on the external app.
    • Select Requires Login if you want the icon button to only appear when a user logs into your mobile app.
    • Select Choose An Icon to select an image for the button.

      You can upload a new icon by selecting Custom Icon image.

  6. Select Save to finish.

Manage the icon buttons

You can rearrange the icons for the mobile site.

  • Select the icon and move where you want it to appear in the app in the Icon Order box. The images are listed in order from left-to-right and from top-to-bottom.
  • To remove an icon, move it to the Drag unwanted icons here box. To re-add the icon move it back to the Icon Order box.
  • To move all icons to the default location, select Reset icons to Default.