Collaborate Recording Content

Recorded sessions are compressed and saved as MP4s. Recordings include activity in the live session.

  • Audio
  • Any content shared or active speaker video. If both are shared during the session, only the content shared is recorded.
  • Captions entered during the live session or added later by a moderator. Only one caption track is available. If your session had more than one caption track, only the first available one is captured.
  • Chat messages in the Everyone channel. Private messages and chat messages in breakout groups are not recorded.

Only moderators can turn recording on in sessions.

Everyone can view the recordings from any device as often as they want. There are no view limits.

Recordings need to be converted into a playable format before viewing. The first time a recording is accessed the conversion begins. It may take a few minutes but once is has been done the recording can be viewed by everybody.

How to find Collab Recordings

How do I find the recordings?

You can view recordings in courses you are enrolled in. You may be able to download recordings. Moderators must allow session recording downloads for each session.

Go to Collaborate, open the Menu, and select Recordings.

Sie wissen nicht genau, wo Sie Collaborate-Aufzeichnungen in Ihrem Kurs finden? Rufen Sie „Sitzungen beitreten“ auf und wechseln Sie zu Ihrem LMS, um mehr zu erfahren..

Recording Player

Recording player

The recording player has the same look and feel as your Collaborate session. There is a Recording menu similar to the Session menu in your live sessions and recording playback controls.

The recording player is an HTML5 player. It is only available in the Ultra Scheduler, Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), and Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA building block users at this time.

  • Recording menu: Open the Recording menu at the top left of your screen. From here you can download the full recording, download caption transcripts, download chat transcripts, get extra help, or report an issue if you are having trouble with the recording.
  • Captions: Captions are available if they are added later by a moderator or live closed captioning is used during the session. Closed captions are on in the recording by default. Select Closed Captions
    in the playback controls to turn off the captions or adjust the size of the caption font.

    You can also download a transcript for the captions from the Recording menu.

  • Playback controls: The intuitive playback controls allow you to navigate through the recording the way you want.
    • Pause: With your keyboard, press the Spacebar to pause and play the recording.
    • Repeat/Forward: With your keyboard, press the Left and Right arrow keys to repeat or skip the recording by 10 seconds.
    • Progress: Slide the marker on the progress bar to move through the recording. With a keyboard press Shift + Left arrow or Shift + Right arrow to repeat or skip the recording by 10 seconds.
    • Volume: With your keyboard, press the Up and Down arrow keys to increase and decrease the volume by 5%.
    • Closed captions: Select Closed captions
      to view the captions with the recordings. You can also download a transcript of the captions from the Recording menu.
  • Chat messages: Open the Chat panel at the bottom right of your screen to see the complete chat history of the recorded session. To learn more, see Chat messages in recordings.

Don't worry, we'll walk you through it. When you first open the recording player we'll show you where everything you need is.

Collab Chat Messages in Recordings

Chat messages in recordings

Open the Chat panel at the bottom right of your screen to see the complete chat history of the recorded session.

Only chat messages in the Everyone channel are recorded. Private messages and breakout group chat messages are not recorded.

As the recording plays the chat messages posted highlight so you can see what was being said during that moment. You can also navigate to a specific location in the recording by selecting a chat message time stamp. If a message is faded, you haven't reached that part of the recording yet.

You can download chat transcripts from the Recording menu.

Chat Recordings and transcripts are only available in the HTML5 recording player.

Aufzeichnungen und Transkripte herunterladen

Collaborate-Aufzeichnungen und -Transkripte herunterladen

Wenn der Moderator das Herunterladen der Sitzungsaufzeichnung zugelassen hat, können Sie im Aufzeichnungs-Player über das Menü Aufzeichnung Aufzeichnungen und Transkripte herunterladen.

Öffnen Sie das Menü Aufzeichnung links oben auf dem Bildschirm.

  • Gesamte Aufzeichnung herunterladen
  • Untertiteltranskripte herunterladen
  • Chat-Transkripte herunterladen

Untertitel können Sie auch aus der Hauptliste Aufzeichnungen herunterladen.

  1. Suchen Sie unter Aufzeichnungen nach einer Aufzeichnung mit Untertiteln (CC).
  2. Wählen Sie das Menü Untertiteloptionen und dann Untertitel herunterladen aus.