The survey activity consists of three types of pre-made, standard and verifiable survey instruments that help you understand what your students are thinking.

  • COLLES is an economical 24 statements grouped into six scales, each of which helps assess the quality of the on-line learning environment. There are three forms of the COLLES.
    • A preferred form
    • An actual form
    • A combined preferred and actual form
  • ATTLS: Attitudes Towards Thinking and Learning Survey is an instrument developed by Galotti et al. (1999) to measure the extent to which a person is a 'connected knower' (CK) or a 'separate knower' (SK).
  • Critical Incidents is a five-item, free-response survey where students must enter their answers in narrative form.

More on COLLES on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)

The instruments available in the Survey module have been used many, many times in many, many classrooms all over the world. This means that, although you cannot edit the surveys, you can use them with confidence. Use of these surveys helps you gather useful data and assess student activity in a class as well as stimulate thinking and learning among students in Moodle courses.

Create a survey

Steps in Snap: Create a learning activity or resource > Survey > Add

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Create a learning activity or resource > Survey > Add

  • Name the survey.
  • Choose the type of survey to create.
  • Add a custom introduction (optional).
  • Define the common settings.

View a survey

Click the link to the survey to open it. In the survey administration menu, a link to Response reports appears.

Under Response reports, there are four items:

  • Summary: An overview of responses
  • Scales: In the ATTLS and COLLES surveys, answers organized by scale items (almost always, often, etc.)
  • Question: Responses organized by question
  • Participants: Responses organized by student

It is also possible to download survey results as ODS, Excel or text documents.