Prepare your Blackboard Learn courses

Before migrating your Blackboard Learn courses to Blackboard Open LMS, think about what you want your course to look like in the new system. Blackboard Open LMS and Blackboard Learn organize content differently and your course will not look the same when moved.

Get your instructors to go through their courses and prepare them for converting.

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Archive your Blackboard Learn course

Archive your Blackboard Learn course instead of exporting. Exported files don’t convert correctly. All student activity is removed from the course during conversion.

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Upload courses to Blackboard Open LMS and convert

Courses can be managed and converted manually. This is recommended for test conversions, small batches, or single courses. After you have the archive ZIP file, you can upload it to your Blackboard Open LMS site. Use the Course Converter block on your site Front page.

Courses convert in your default theme. We recommend using the Snap theme. Snap makes updating your converted course easier as you can move many items at a time.

  1. From your site’s Front page, find the Course Converter block.
  2. Select Manage Files.
  3. Choose one or more files to upload and select Save changes.
  4. Select the Convert tab.
  5. In the Choose converter menu select the Learning Management System you are converting from. For example, Blackboard 9.1
  6. Select the course format you want.
  7. Expand Select files for converting and select the files you uploaded.
  8. Optionally, select the category you want to restore the course into under Auto restore.
  9. Select Convert.

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After converting the courses, enroll the instructors can get them to review the courses and do the necessary clean up.

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