Student submissions against Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) can be viewed from either within your Learn Course or from within Blackboard Open Content. However, submissions can only be graded through the Blackboard Open Content resource itself. Submissions against Blackboard Open Content content cannot be directly graded from your course's Grade Center.

Once submissions are graded, the student's grade is then passed back to your Blackboard Learn course's Grade Center.

How to Grade Submissions Within Your Course

  1. Navigate to the Blackboard Open Content resource within your course and click its name.
  2. Submissions against assignments, quizzes and discussion boards are displayed and can be graded as a percentage.
  3. For discussion submissions against all other content, click Discussion from the resource toolbar.

How to Grade Submission Within Blackboard Open Content

  1. Navigate to Blackboard Open Content and choose Submissions from the dashboard.
  2. Use the filters to view the submissions of a particular course, from a particular resource, or view all submissions at once.

Grade-able Blackboard Open Content resources are automatically added as columns to your course's grade center. Each student grade reflects the last graded submission against that resource.


Submissions to Blackboard Open Content resources are handled in two main parts:

  • The content of the submission-visible when viewing the specific resource either from Resource Preview or Resource Delivery.
  • The grade associated with the submission that is passed back to Blackboard Learn's Grade Center for each new submission. Blackboard Learn then determines an overall grade based on its own rules.

    This can mean grades are not displayed in the same way in Blackboard Open Content and Blackboard Learn.

All submissions offer you the ability to comment on student submissions. Depending upon the resource delivery settings, students may also be able to comment on their own submissions. Comments on submissions follow similar formatting and rules as discussion forum comments.

Quiz Submissions

Quiz submissions are organized by most recent submission. You will see submissions from all students in your course. Click the date of a quiz submission to display the content of the quiz and the specified student's responses.

From here, you can view student responses to quiz questions, grade responses, and enter feedback for the student visible on review, if allowed by the quiz delivery settings.

Students will only see their own submissions-unless otherwise specified by the quiz delivery settings.

Students may or may not be able to see the full review or grade-only for their own submissions, depending on the quiz delivery settings. If students are allowed to see the full review, clicking the date of the quiz submission will display the content of the quiz and the student's responses, the grade assigned to each response (if applicable), and any teacher comments associated with student responses.

Assignment Submissions

Assignment submissions are organized by most recent submission. You will see submissions from all students in your course.

Click the date or student's name of an assignment submission to expand the submission in-place. This allows you to view, grade, or comment on the submission.

Students viewing an assignment have the ability to submit against the dropbox, and view their own previous submissions, if allowed by the dropbox delivery settings.

Discussion Forum Posts

Each comment to a discussion forum post is considered a submission within Blackboard Open Content. The terminology may seem strange, but the underlying technology recognizes that a user has submitted content against a resource and is flagging that content as a new item. Thus, the submissions for discussion forums are really posts to the forum.

Instructors can always view all posts made to the forum by users within courses they teach or are associated with. Students may be restricted to viewing only their own posts, may be required to post before viewing other students' posts, or limited in other ways based on the discussion forum delivery settings.

Submissions Search

Instructors and students are able to filter submissions-and discussion posts-by opening the Submission Search feature using the eyeglass icon on the resource toolbar. Users can search by a number of different criteria:

  • Submissions-or comments on submissions-containing specific text
  • Submissions made before or after specific dates
  • Submissions made by all users or only classmates
  • Submissions made by specific users
  • Submission status
  • Submissions containing attachments only
  • Submissions marked as private only

Submissions Manager

The Blackboard Open Content submissions manager is accessible only to instructors and allows you to see a roll-up of all submissions made to resources and courses associated with you.

You can filter submissions by:

  • Courses: All courses associated with the current user.
  • Activities: All resources associated with the current user, current user's courses, and that allow submissions.
  • Graded Status: Allows users to show all submissions, only graded submissions, or only ungraded submissions.

Click Details to go to the submission interface for the relevant resource.