Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) is a global learning object repository for rich educational materials including assessments, assignments, discussions, HTML pages, and more. But Blackboard Open Content is much more than just a content repository. It is also an authoring environment, with familiar content creation tools. It enables sharing and discovery of educational content with a rich metadata engine and also enables copyright management using the Creative Commons system. Plus, all content is delivered through the Blackboard Learn course environment for a seamless experience for students.

Key Capabilities

AUTHORING: Use familiar authoring tools to easily create, edit, align standards, and version learning objects without worrying about importing or exporting to your LMS.

SHARING: Share learning objects globally as open educational resources, or with select groups or individuals. Set permissions and "publish" content into Channels, so others can find and use it with the conditions you define.

COPYRIGHT: Apply Creative Commons copyrights that are legally valid and clearly understandable to users. Furthermore, Blackboard Open Content can set permissions automatically to align with the copyright you have chosen.

DISCOVERY: Find rich educational content, from individual learning objects to entire courses. With keyword search and filtering, narrow search results to show you just what you need. Use Channels to "subscribe" to people, institutions, or disciplines to stay up to speed on the latest content available.

DELIVERY: Add Blackboard Open Content content to a course without importing, exporting, or concern for compatible file formats. Using the LTI standard (a two-way link to dynamic content), Blackboard Open Content content is delivered seamlessly to students in the course.

Standard Sets

You can now access and manage a default list of available standards from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Select My Blackboard Open Content Settings and click the Standard Sets tab.

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To Learn More

To learn more about using Blackboard Open Content, see Blackboard Open Content for the Instructor.

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