Bulk Delete of Recordings  for Managers

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 22.14 | Release to Production: 11 August 2022
New features

As institutions are implementing their own storage management policies, they are looking to optimize their usage by deleting older recordings. Previously, they could request bulk deletion of all recordings of a period through a support ticket. Many institutions aim to be doing a yearly clean-up in August/September, and we’re happy to make this much easier this year.

With this new Bulk Delete feature available for Managers, institutions have more autonomy and flexibility regarding when and what to delete. With a workflow very similar to the bulk download/copy feature, they can use the recordings report to see when each recording was made and last viewed and edit this list to upload in the Bulk Delete interface a list of which recordings they want to delete.

They may as well combine this with the Bulk Copy feature to the first archive before deleting, using the same CSV file listing the recordings.

From the scheduler, the Recordings page is opened. We're in the Delete Recordings tab where we see the list of recordings to be deleted.

Find out all about Bulk Delete Recordings.