Improvements to Granular Content Copy – 3900.39

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Impact: System and Course Roles with permissions to copy content

Course copy is an important feature for building out and updating courses. In several upcoming releases we will be making a series of improvements. These improvements focus on copy and performance issues. They also build on recently released features:

  • copying content from Original Course View courses (March release)
  • copying content within the same course (April release)

In this release, we have corrected the following granular content copy issues:

  • No longer duplicate user-defined gradebook categories with Granular Content Copy action
    User-defined gradebook categories from the source course also copied into the destination course. This caused duplication and had a negative performance impact. We have corrected this.
  • No longer copy unrelated data to the copied item
    The gradebook included data unrelated to the copied content item. This could cause errors to display. We have corrected this.
  • Improved database logging and conversion exception messaging
    Database logging and the conversions exception report produced errors when copying content. These errors occurred when copying content within an Ultra course and from Original courses. We have corrected this.
  • Errors no longer shown in Copy Detail menu when copying content with custom font color in the title
    Original course content that included custom font-colors in the item title produced errors when copied. We have corrected this.
  • Improvements to Ultra Group Conversion and Batch Edit
    If a user deleted groups via the Batch Edit Delete option, groups associated with a content item were not removed. This resulted in orphaned but not visible groups. In Ultra course conversion, groups not in a group set or used in a content item were not removed. These groups remained in the course in a hidden state. Course conversion performance was negatively affected. We have corrected both issues.
  • Support for Ultra Preview Course
    In the past, instructors could not copy content into or from a course in Ultra preview. An Ultra preview course is a converted course in preview mode. We have corrected this issue.

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