After a moderator starts the timer, an alert occurs to provide screen reader users information on how much time they have. As the timer counts down it explicitly states when there is one minute, then 30 seconds left.

After the timer is finished, an alert visually appears in the top right corner of the page with the text “Time is up”. The timer button changes to the text “Done”, and screen reader users hear “Time is up”.

Timer Details

  1. To hear the timer count in real-time, go to the Timer: Active pop-up button.
  2. Spacebar or select Timer: Active pop-up button to open the Timer region.
    • Timer details open with the current time remaining in a big bold white number in MM:SS format. The total time appears in a smaller white font below, also in MM:SS format. 
    • Screen reader users hear “MM:SS remaining of MM:SS”.

After the timer region is open, it can't be closed until the time is up. At that point, go to the Done button. Spacebar or select Done button to remove the timer from the page, if the moderator doesn't.