Miscellaneous updates

Blackboard Learn SaaS Continuous Delivery v3200.12.0 | Release to Production 19 September 2017
Ultra Experience, Original Experience

  • When uploading a file through the content editor, the error message has been replaced to provide better guidance.
  • Course visibility confirmation messages have been updated to explain how availability is tied to academic terms. Instructors and course builders have different options for course availability when the course is associated with an academic term:
    • When a course is associated with an active term, it can be completed but not made private.
    • When a course is associated with a past or future term, it can’t be made available.
  • After a course is converted from the Original Course View to the Ultra Course View, users can download and open content attachments missing file extensions/MIME types without needing to choose the appropriate program.
  • Gradebook grid view has been refactored to improve performance and reduce bugs.
  • An updated version of the Partner Cloud Building Block (v1.7.2017021367) is bundled with this release.
  • The Sharp Building Block (v. 1.1.51) has been unbundled from this release.