Design and organize your content by using apps. Apps are the content building blocks of pages. Use the Twitter and Facebook-like for social media content. Add apps to your page to upload files, shortcuts, links, and photos.

Using the classic page experience? Check out the More about this app section to add content.

Change page layout

Choose from twelve page layout options. Then you can add apps to your page.








Some layouts are better suited for certain apps or combinations of apps than others. We've provided some suggestions in our best practices guide. 

Add apps to your page

Drag and drop apps onto your page to create content. You can arrange the apps by dragging them into your desired location.

App placement suggestions

This chart illustrates which apps and layouts work best together. You should always check the end-user website to ensure that the page layout you selected and the apps you placed on the page display properly. This chart also addresses stacking apps within a layout and apps appropriate for a home page.

Chart legend:

  • R (Recommended) - this is a preferred app and layout combination
  • L (Some limitations) - This app and layout combination may display correctly. If you use the app in the layout, make sure you check how the app looks in the column where you placed it by viewing the page on the end-user website.
  • N (Not recommended) - This app and layout combination could be problematic.

This chart isn't all-inclusive but rather a list of the most commonly-used apps.