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Blackboard Student Success Chatbot Oct 2021 release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 25 Oct 2021 
New Features, Updated Features on Chatbot Premium

  • On 25 October, Blackboard Student Success updated Blackboard Chatbot for websites consisting of free and premium versions. 

  • The free version of the Blackboard Chatbot is available with Blackboard Learn to provide Ultra support. 

  • Institutions should upgrade to Blackboard Chatbot premium to enjoy added features. 

Here’s what the Chatbot premium Oct 2021 release includes: 

  1. The all-new Chatbot for websites. 

  2. Change the Learn content source within the Chatbot. 

  3. Improved user experience.

1. The all-new Chatbot for websites: 

Add the Blackboard Chatbot to Learn or any website. 


  • You can add the Chatbot to the bottom right corner which is the standard launch position on the website. You can also add the Chatbot at additional launch points on your website to call out to chat. 

  • The Chatbot sends a welcome message to the user when they open the website. 

  • The Chatbot sends a timeout alert to users when they are inactive. 

Premium users can customise the Chatbot appearance and tone to match their brand. 

Optional content packs: 

Blackboard Chatbot premium users can optionally subscribe to get access to Blackboard Learn Ultra and Learn Original common content packs.

2. Change the Learn content source within the Chatbot 

Blackboard Chatbot (Chatbot for Learn and the Chatbot widget for websites)

Enhanced and expanded Chat Support for Blackboard Learn users: 

The change content button: 

  • Available for users who use both Learn Ultra and Learn Original. 

  • Unavailable for users who use only Learn Ultra or Learn Original.

3. Improved user experience 

Chatbot now supports images, audio, and video content in the chat. 


Blackboard Student Success updated Blackboard Chatbot

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 17 Jun 2021 
New Features, Updated Features

On 17 June, Blackboard Student Success updated Blackboard Chatbot. Chatbot is included in Blackboard Learn at no additional cost, so the Learn experience has also been improved.

We’re updating Blackboard Chatbot for Learn:  

  • Search Blackboard Learn Help documentation for instructors in addition to students. 

  • Users can still ask the chatbot questions, but now they can also navigate a category hierarchy to discover common topics. 

  • The resulting help information is now previewed directly in the chat interaction. Users can click to open the full documentation from the Help site. 

  • To better support users transitioning to Ultra Course View who need more assistance, the default linked Help articles reference Ultra Course View, but users can switch as needed to the Original Course View versions of Help articles. 

  • Institutions can upgrade to our premium version of Blackboard Chatbot that expands functionality to include institution-specific branding and help resources. Now, Chatbot supports adding institutionally-specific help resources and defining a unique branded chatbot persona. 

Blackboard Chatbot currently supports English language North American SaaS environments using Base Navigation.  

The June 17 update applies to all production and test/stage environments.