To set up the connection between PowerSchool and Blackboard Connect, you will first need to do the following:

  1. Create a security group in PowerSchool.
  2. Create a generic user in PowerSchool.
  3. Access SIS Central and download the configuration file.
  4. Install the configuration file in PowerSchool.
  5. Find and Copy the PowerSchool URL.
  6. Enter the connection settings in SIS Central.

Create a Security Group

  1. Log into PowerSchool and navigate to System > Security > Groups.
  2. At the top right, click Add Groups, create a new security group, and label it Blackboard.
  3. The group displays at the bottom of the list. Click the group name to make changes to the security settings.
  4. Change Access Level to View Only.
  5. Under Accessible Student Screens, select the following boxes:
    • Access Accounts
    • Activities
    • Addresses
    • All Enrollments
    • Attendance
    • Custom Screens
    • Demographics
    • District Specific
    • Emergency/Medical
    • Lunch
    • Lunch Transactions
    • Other Information
    • Parents
    • Transportation
    • Truancies

Create a Generic User in PowerSchool

Blackboard recommends that you do not use your personal PowerSchool account when setting up the SIS Central service account. Instead, create a global account to use for the Connection Settings setup in SIS Central.

  1. In PowerSchool, navigate to the Staff tab and click New Staff Entry.
  2. Complete the Name and ID fields only, and click Submit.
  3. Next, click Security Settings.
  4. On the Admin Access and Roles tab, select Sign in to Administrative Portion of PowerSchool, enter the admin username and password you created in the previous step, and select the Blackboard group you created as the Default Group.
  5. Under Roles and Schools, select Add. Select all schools including District Office. Exclude External Systems if that appears on your list.
  6. Click Next, leave Group Default selected, and click OK.
  7. Click Submit.

Access SIS Central and Download the Configuration File

  1. Log in to your Connect account and navigate to Admin > Settings > PowerSchool.
  2. Click the Blackboard-PowerSchool configuration file link to download the file.

Install the Configuration File in PowerSchool

  1. Log in to PowerSchool, navigate to System > System Settings > Customization and ensure that Customizations Enabled is selected.
  2. Navigate to System > System Settings > Plugin Management Dashboard and click Install.
  3. Click Choose File, and then locate and select the file you downloaded in the previous step.
  4. Click Install.
  5. When the upload completes, enable the plugin you just uploaded in the list of installed plugins.

Find and Copy the PowerSchool URL

  1. In PowerSchool, navigate to System > System Settings > Global Server Settings.
  2. Copy the server name listed. You will use this URL in the SIS Central Connection Settings screen.

Enter the Connection Settings in SIS Central

  1. Log in to your Connect account, and navigate to Admin > Settings > PowerSchool.
  2. Click Continue Setup.
  3. Enter the credentials for the generic account you created, and paste the PowerSchool Administrator URL in the text field.
  4. Click Test Connection. If the connection is successful, click Done. If you receive an error message, please contact your support representative.