Building blocks are pre-installed to provide a uniform experience for instructors and learners.

A building block is a Java web app that is deployed as a plug-in to the Blackboard Learn application. It runs as a privileged part of the Blackboard Learn process.

Blackboard provides a pre-defined set of building blocks in the SaaS deployment option for all customers. Customers can use only these pre-installed Building Blocks and do not have the ability to install and remove building blocks on their own. However, Blackboard Learn SaaS Plus and Advantage customers have full building block support.

Pre-installed building blocks prevent potential problems in the system. A building block's in-process integrations have the potential to interact with resources such as the database or the file system in a way that could result in abnormal consumption of resources. In a multi-tenant environment like the SaaS deployment option, this could result in one customer's Building Block behavior negatively impacting other customers.