Modules are distinct packets of information with data generated from within Blackboard Learn and from outside sources. Module tabs added by administrators function in much the same way as the My Institution tab. Multiple module tabs can be created with content for specific institution roles. The Services tab, Community tab, and Courses tab also function as module tabs.

Any module tab may be created with either one or two columns of modules, in addition to the menu column. Once a tab is created, the number of columns cannot be changed.

Create a module tab

Follow these steps to create a module tab.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, select Tabs and Modules.
  2. Select Tabs.
  3. Select Create Module Tab. The following table describes the available fields.
    Create Module Tab Available Fields
    Field Description
    Title The title of the tab can be changed by editing the text that appears in this field. The title will appear as the tab name in the header frame.
    Reference Name Provide a name for the tab that can be easily referenced.
    Allow users to personalize the tab This field appears only when changing the properties for the My Institution tab or a module tab created by administrators. Selecting Yes allows users to organize the modules on the tab and personalize the style of the modules.
    Number of Columns Select either 1 or 2 to set the number of columns of modules.
    System Availability Select either the Yes option or the No option. If Yes is selected, the tab will be viewable by users. (The System Admin Tab is always available to the Administrator.)
  4. Select Submit.