When users with specific roles enter the Content Collection for the first time, a folder with their name is created automatically in the user's directory. Administrators can select the default quota for these folders on the basis of role. Different quotas can be assigned to different roles. Users are given full permissions to their own folder. This includes read, write, remove, and manage permissions.

Administrators can select which roles have folders automatically created for them in the user's directory.

Configure /users default folder settings

Follow these steps to open the Default Folder Settings /users page.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, select Content Area Management.
  2. Select Default Folder Creation Settings.
  3. In the menu for the /users folder, select Edit.
  4. Set a default quota for each type of role. For example, student folders could be set to 100 MB, and faculty folders given a quota of 500 MB. If users have multiple roles assigned to them, the quota for their folders is derived from their primary role.
    The default quota cannot be changed for existing folders. If a quota is changed, only folders created for new users in that role will have the new quota size. For example, if the quota for instructors is changed, the folder size for existing instructors does not change. Folders for new instructors will have the new quota. Administrators can change the quota for existing folders on an individual basis. This option is found on the Properties page for the user folder.
  5. Select Submit.

If an administrator removes an role from the system, the quota settings for that user group are lost.