This page is for Self-hosted instances of Learn and is no longer updated. Visit the SaaS page for up-to-date information.

What is the Activity_Accumulator?

Activity_Accumulator is the table that tracks user activity. Almost every page a user visits in your system gets recorded here. It is like your Apache access logs but with better user tracking. The Activity_Accumulator table is a great way to easily query for user activity, join additional Learn tables, and generate custom reports.

Turn on Activity_Accumulator

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Tools and Utilities, select System Reporting.
  2. Select Auto-Reporting Options.
  3. To record system activity in the Activity_Accumulator table, select Yes in the Event tracking field.

    If Event tracking is turned off, no data will be sent to the Activity_Accumulator table.

More on auto-reporting options

How much data is retained in Activity_Accumulator?

The amount of data in the Activity_Accumulator table depends on how often you have PurgeAccumulator set to run. By default, it retains about 6 months’ worth of data. When PurgeAccumulator runs, the utility moves records beyond that retention from the BBLEARN schema over to the BBLEARN_STATS schema.

Two Activity_Accumulator tables

There are two Activity_Accumulator tables, one in the BBLEARN schema and one in the BBLEARN_STATS schema. The table in the BBLEARN schema has the most recent activity data, while the one in the BBLEARN_STATS schema is an archival table to hold older records beyond the PurgeAccumulator retention value.

Data is moved to the BBLEARN_STATS schema using the daily Purge Accumulator background task.