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About this release

Starting with this Learn 9.1 release, the name will shift from using the quarter/year as the name to a version number to align with the SaaS release model. There is also a new monthly release cadence for Learn 9.1 that will include bug fixes and feature improvements. These monthly releases will replace Cumulative Updates which will no longer be issued for 3900.0. You can choose any monthly  9.1  release and take improvements and bug fixes at any time. You do not have to wait until the next big  twice-yearly release (Q2/Q4) to get an improvement you've been waiting for.

For more details about this change, please see this blog post of the Community Site

With the Original Experience (Learn 9.1), there are six categories that are a key focus for development: Enhancements through platform features, Iterative feature improvements, Mobile optimization and responsiveness, Data access and insights, Standards and interoperability, and Quality and maintenance. The 9.1 3900.0 release focuses on 4 of these areas:

  • Enhancements through platform features. Enhancements are delivered in the Original Experience through enhancements to platform features, capabilities not specific to the Original Experience. In some cases, these features can also be enhanced without requiring a Learn release upgrade. These features sometimes have differing timelines for global availability due to regional requirements for data storage and handling.
  • Iterative feature improvements. Enhancements to existing features in the Original Experience or are implemented as part of work for the Ultra Experience.
  • Standards and Interoperability. As a leader in openness, Blackboard continues to invest in expanding support for standards and interoperability within Learn in order to give institutions increasing options for expanding and defining their unique EdTech platforms.
  • Quality and Maintenance. Blackboard continues to make changes to technologies and processes to further improve quality. This includes improvements to security frameworks and processes to achieve various security certifications, performance improvements, changes to address compliance with ever-evolving global regulations, and updating technologies and libraries used within the application.

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