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When setting up the SQL Server 2005/2008 environment, Blackboard recommends creating multiple logical unit numbers (LUNs) for specific purposes to reduce the amount of unnecessary paging.

Blackboard recommends creating a LUN for each of the following:

Size this LUN to handle the full installation of the Operating System only.

  • The Windows Operating System
  • The paging file (optional)
  • The SQL Server 2005/2008 product installation
  • The TEMPDB space

After Blackboard Learn has been installed, configure additional LUNs for the Blackboard schemas. Create LUNs for each schema or create a subset of LUNs based on data file growth and usage. Data files and transaction logs should always reside on separate LUNs.

Blackboard recommends that creating an additional LUN for each of the following:

  • The BBLEARN (legacy: BB_BB60) schema data file
  • The BBLEARN (legacy: BB_BB60) schema transaction log
  • The remaining Blackboard schema data files
  • The remaining Blackboard schema transaction logs

In total, eight LUNs would be pre-allocated:

  • LUN 1: Operating System
  • LUN 2: Windows Paging File (Optional)
  • LUN 3: SQL Server 2005/2008 Product Installation
  • LUN 4: TEMPDB Files
  • LUN 5: BBLEARN (legacy: BB_BB60) Data File
  • LUN 6: BBLEARN (legacy: BB_BB60) Transaction Log
  • LUN 7: Remaining Blackboard Schema Data Files
  • LUN 8: Remaining Blackboard Schema Transaction Log