The homepage contains the basic information about the school or group website, and can include a calendar of events, news, internal or external links, a link to email a teacher or coach, and if your school uses compatible grading software, links to grade reports.

After you sign in, the My Edline menu will appear on the menu bar. This menu will contain the My Classes and Shortcuts option containing links to your classes and groups (and for parents it contains a link to their children); the My Content section with options that may include links to Private Reports and Combined Calendar; and the My Account section which has options to manage your account sign-in and contact information. Users can click the links from the My Edline menu to access the selected pages.

Parents must first click the name of a child in order to navigate to the Private Reports or Combined Calendar for that child. (Once on the calendar or in the reports, they can switch between one child and the next.) If parents do not click the name of a child, they will be seeing their own calendar or list of shortcuts instead of the calendar, classes, and reports of one of their children. An asterisk (*) appears next to the name of the person whose information you are viewing.

How to View Classes and Activities

  • From the My Edline menu, under My Classes and Shortcuts, there will be links to your own class and activity pages. Click the one you want to visit.
  • FOR PARENTS - From the My Edline menu, under My Classes and Shortcuts, point to the name of your child you want to view, and then click the class, sport, activity, or other group you want to visit.

How to Access Homework

You can access homework for a particular class from the class page or for all classes from the combined calendar.

Parents will need to click their child's name from the My Edline menu to access the child's Private Reports, Combined Calendar, and other items in the child's My Contents section.

  • On the teacher's classroom web page, there is usually a section for the class Contents with a folder marked as Assignments. Clicking the link opens a folder with a list of the assignments for that class. Assignments can also be accessed by hovering over the breadcrumbs in the menu bar.
  • Students can also access homework through their Combined Calendar, and parents can access their child's homework from the child's Combined Calendar, which pulls together links to all the homework for multiple classes into one calendar.

For Parents to Cancel the Child's View and Return to Their Personal View

  • From the My Edline menu, under My Classes and Shortcuts, select your name.