Share, Like, or Tweet from Edline

Share, Like, or Tweet from Edline

Any content available to the public on a district, school, class, sports, or other group website can be shared with others through Social Media outlets including Google+®, Facebook®, and Twitter®. The content can be shared by anyone visiting your website.

Any content that is restricted to only users (students, parents, teachers, etc.) who log into the website will require a login even when shared from a Social Media website. As a result, you do not have to worry about homework, grades, or any other sensitive documents being posted to those who do not have correct access.

If the school blocks any of these social media websites, this feature will not be available.

How to Share a Web Page with Social Media

You can "Recommend," "Like," or "Tweet" a page available on a district or school website. For example, if you follow a school's basketball team, you can "Like" the team's website using your Facebook account.

  1. From the Edline menu bar, click the Share This Page
    icon, and then select either Google+
    , Facebook
    , or Twitter
  2. If you are not already logged into your social media account, a login/sign-in will appear. Type your email or user name, your password, and log into your Google+, Facebook, or Twitter account.

The web page's URL will be added to your social media circle.