Edline provides a reliable and secure platform to view your student's educational information. Personal information, such as grades or attendance, will not be accessible without the correct account sign-in information.

Examples of reports include grade reports, absence reports, conduct reports, and transcripts. The viewing capabilities for these reports are:

  • Students can view only their own reports.
  • Parents can view only the reports of their own children.
  • Teachers can view only the student grades for their own classes. In most cases, teachers will not have access to absence reports, conduct reports, and transcripts.
  • Counselors and administrators with super user (or super viewer) permissions can view the reports of all students from all classes.
  • Counselors and administrators without super user capabilities can be given permissions to view specific students instead of all students.

If your school or teachers do not post reports, there will be no reports available in Edline.

How Parents Can View Reports

  1. From the My Edline menu, under My Classes and Shortcuts, select the name of your child you want to view.
  2. From the My Edline menu, under My Content, select Private Reports for the list of reports.

    You may also find the gradebook report for a particular class from the teacher's web page.

  3. Click View for the report you want to view.

The content and layout of the report will vary depending on the software used at your school.