What Is Basic LTI?

Basic LTI is an open standard for linking a tool provider (example - Blackboard Collaborate) to a tool consumer (example - Canvas or Desire2Learn). Any Certified LMS that supports bLTI consumer can connect to a tool provider that supports the bLTI standard.

Is LTI Integration Only Available In North America?

The Blackboard Collaborate LTI Integration for web conferencing is available on any Session Administration System instance. You do not have to be hosted in the North America data center to use the LTI integration.

Will The LTI Integration Work With Any Learning Management System?

Blackboard Collaborate LTI Integration supports any LMS that has a certified IMS LTI tool consumer.

What Are The LTI Integration System Requirements?

In order to configure the LTI Integration, your system must be IMS-certified and compatible with the LTI protocol. The system requirements for launching sessions through the LTI integration are the same as if using any other integration or if joining standalone sessions.

How Can New Customers Request The LTI Integration?

Our LTI service is included in a standard new customer service package. For more information please call our sales team at 1-800-424-9299.

I Have An Issue With The LTI Integration. Where Do I Go For Help?

If you require technical support assistance to resolve a problem, please contact Blackboard Collaborate technical support.

Can I Access LTI Integrated Blackboard Collaborate Sessions Using My Mobile Device?

Launching sessions with a mobile device is provisionally supported with the LTI integration. The LTI integration was designed for use on narrow screens, and was tested with a variety of smartphones and tablets. If you encounter any issues, please contact Blackboard Collaborate technical support.

Do I Have To Be Enrolled As An Instructor Or An Administrator To Be Able To Launch LTI Integrated Sessions?

You have to be enrolled in your course with either instructor or student level access in order to launch the LTI interface and subsequently integrated sessions. Instructors will have added functionality, such as creating sessions and uploading content.

What Is The LTI Integration Shared Secret?

The LTI shared Secret is an automatically generated unique parameter you will use to configure your integration. This shared Secret will only work with the specified Consumer Key and can be used across an entire system.

Why Did I Get An "Invalid Signature" Error Message?

If you get an error message saying "your signature does not match ours", this may mean either the Key or secret combination are incorrect, or they have been entered incorrectly.