In the Blackboard app for Windows, you can quickly scan course materials and access the these content items:

Tap any item to view its full details.

The Blackboard app works as a collaboration between our app software and your school's server. Blackboard can't guarantee that content created by instructors or other users is compatible with this app. Features and functionality may be limited at times if your school hasn't updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages.

If there's an item you can access on the course website, but not in the app, contact your instructor.

Where's the mark reviewed option on content?

The Blackboard app doesn't currently support the Mark Reviewed feature. Please access a course in your desktop web browser to use this feature if your instructor made it available.

The Blackboard app does support adaptive release of content, where instructors can release content only to students who meet certain criteria. The criteria are date, grade, or student membership in a group or list created by the instructor.