Open courses require a team effort.

Often, multiple coordinators are involved in the development and delivery of these learning opportunities. As an institution administrator, you have the permissions to manage your institution's open education opportunities and related users. You can edit the Institution Details page, invite new users to join as administrators, remove users from that role, and create course shells.

Invited users respond to their invitations and create accounts. You can invite instructors to help with administration, and they may also enroll in courses as students.

Invite and remove administrators

  1. Access the System Admin tab.
  2. In the Open Education Administration section, click Administrators.
  3. On the Administrators page, view a full list of administrators at your institution.
  4. On the Administrators Invitations page, click Invitation. This page displays information about previous invites, such as when they were sent and if they were accepted. You may also resend an invite. Invitations expire in seven days.
  5. To invite a new administrator, click Invite. Provide the user's contact information and click Send. The system sends an automated invitation.