About notification settings

If you see a list where your name appears, your courses appear in the Ultra experience. The notification system is always on.

On your activity stream's Notification Settings panel, you can choose which notifications you receive about activity in all your Original and Ultra courses:

  • Activity stream: Choose which activities appear on your Stream page.
  • Email: If you want to receive email notifications, add an email address to your profile page. Then, choose how often and which activities you want to receive notifications for.
  • Push notifications: Messages pop up on your mobile device if you have the Blackboard app for students installed. You can select which notifications are sent to your device.

More on your profile page

Choose how and when you get notifications

You can choose the types of notifications you receive and how they're delivered to you.

On your Activity Stream page, select the Stream Settings icon to open the Notification Settings panel. You can also access these settings from your profile page.

Stream notifications

You can control which activity appears in your stream. Select the Stream Notification Settings tab to open the panel.

Notifications for due dates, grades, and feedback always appear in your stream.

Choose which notifications you receive about activity in all your Original and Ultra courses:

  • Institution announcements
  • Course announcements
  • Graded items due
    • Graded item due soon
    • Graded item past due
  • New content
    • Assessment added
    • Content added
  • Grades posted
  • New discussion
  • My grades and activity
    • No recent activity
    • Grade low or at risk
    • Grade dropped
    • Low course activity
    • Grade increased
    • Course activity in top 10%
    • Grade in top 10%
  • New calendar event
  • New course or organization
  • Blog activity
    • Blog entry posted
    • Blog entry edited
  • Journal activity
    • Journal entry posted
    • Journal entry edited
  • Wiki activity
    • Wiki page created
    • Wiki page edited
    • Wiki comment posted

You can choose to receive all or some notifications of a certain type. A checkmark appears when you select all notifications. A dash appears when you select some notifications.

Email notifications

Select the Email Notification Settings tab to open the panel.

If you haven't added an email address to your profile page, you won't see any options in the Email Notification Settings tab.

Organization activities won’t trigger email notifications.

Choose how often you want to receive emails for activities in all your Original and Ultra courses:

  • Email me right away: Receive individual notifications for each activity you choose from the list.
  • Email me once a day: All notifications are collected and sent once a day at a time set by your institution.

In the Notify me by email about these activities list, choose which notifications you want to receive:

  • New gradable items
  • New messages
  • New discussion messages
  • New content added
  • New and upcoming due dates
  • Past due items
  • New courses available

Clear all the check boxes if you don't want to receive emails about the activities in the list.

Course activity notifications by course view
Course Activity Original Course View Ultra Course View
New gradable items Assignments, tests, and surveys

Blog, journal, wiki, or discussion activity
Assignments and tests
New messages Yes Yes
New discussion messages Sent in daily email only Sent in daily email only
New content added Assignments, tests, and surveys added

Content items added
Assignments and tests added

Content items added
New and upcoming due dates

Sent when an assessment is made available and 24 hours before the due date

Also, sent when you create a manually added item with a due date
Assignments, tests, and surveys due

Items due: Manually added items in your Grade Center
Assignments and tests due

Items due: Manually added items in your gradebook
Past due items Past due assignments and tests

Past due surveys
Past due assignments and tests
New courses available Yes Yes

SMS notifications

SMS notifications are available if your institution used Connect SMS Service before August 3, 2023. If this is the case, SMS notifications continue to be offered and existing SMS notification settings remain in place.

SMS notifications are no longer available for self-hosted and managed hosted institutions.

Learn more about SMS notifications




Push notifications

If you have the Blackboard mobile app installed, you can receive push notifications on your mobile device. You can manage which push notifications are sent in these ways:

  • Blackboard on the web: Log in to Blackboard on a web browser and navigate to your Activity Stream. Select the Stream Settings icon. From the Notification Settings panel, select the Push Notification Settings tab.
  • Blackboard app: In the app's main menu, tap Settings. Manage push notifications in the app.

Choose which push notifications you want to receive for activity in all your Original and Ultra courses:

  • New content
  • Discussion posts and replies by your instructor
  • Discussion replies in a thread you authored
  • New grades and feedback
  • Due dates for these content types only
    • Tests
    • Assignments
    • Discussions
    • Manual grade columns
  • Additional due date reminders - you can set up more reminders for a specific number of days prior to due dates

Due date push notifications always appear one day before the due date and can't be turned off like other push notification types.

When an instructor changes a due date, a new Test Due push notification is generated. The push notification doesn't state that it's a changed due date.