This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Formative assessments are an essential component of the teaching and learning process. They inform and shape instruction, guide learning, and support student progress. 

Formative assessment options are available for tests and assignments, even if they are already graded. 

Label a formative assessment

When you create or edit an assessment, select Formative assessment under the settings panel. This will automatically select Display formative label to students. If you unmark this option, no formative indicator is displayed to students in any section. 

Under the settings pannel it's the "Formative Tools" sections. It has two selectable options "Formative assessment" and "Display formative label to students".

Formative assessments are included in the gradebook calculations by default, but you can edit the grade calculations and exclude the formative assessments.

Excluding an item from grade calculations  

Formative label

The formative label helps to easily identify formative assessments. This label is always visible for instructors in these areas:

  • Course content page
  • Test and assignment settings
  • Gradebook list and grid views
  • Student overview
  • Student activity overview
Course Content page, where the formative assignment has the "Formative" label after the due date details.

If you choose to display the formative label for students, it is visible for them in these areas:

  • Course content page
  • Assessment panel before starting an attempt
  • Assessment details & information panel during and after an assessment
  • Assessment header when viewing a submission
  • Gradebook

If you choose to hide the formative label from students, no indicator about this tool is displayed in any section.

Formative filter in the gradebook

Filters temporarily narrow the displayed data in the gradebook grid view. You can use the formative and summative filters to show the corresponding assessments. Formative assessments are those with the formative setting selected, while summative assessments are those that do not have the formative setting selected.  

In the gradebook grid view, select the Filters button to open the filters panel. Under Assessment type, select the formative option to display only the formative assessments. 

In the filters pannel, under the "Assessment type" section there are two options: formative and summatice.

Only the formative label is displayed in the gradebook Grades view even if you apply the summative filter.