This information applies only to the Original experience.

URL Module

URL modules display web page content from outside of the system. From this page view, the URL of the web page is entered. The content from the URL appears in the module. URL modules should be tested before making them available to ensure that the content displays correctly in a module.

URL modules differ from Web Links modules because they display the actual content of the URL instead of a link.

Edit a URL module

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, select Tabs and Modules.
  2. Select Modules.
  3. Open the URL module's menu.
  4. Select Edit Contents. The following table describes the available options.
    URL Module Options
    Option Description
    URL The URL entered here indicates the web page that will populate the module. The URL should be entered fully. For example:, not or
    Maximum Hours Cached Select the number of hours (or days) that the web page remains cached. For example: If set to 12 hours, the module content will be refreshed from the URL every 12 hours.
    Refresh Cache on Submit Check this box to refresh the cache immediately after selecting Submit. If this box is not checked, the next refresh will occur at the next scheduled refresh interval.
  5. Select Submit.