You can use a module to help instructors discover and download the Blackboard Instructor app.

The module isn't included in a Blackboard Learn release. Follow these instructions to create a module manually.

You can also create a Blackboard App module for students.

Create a Blackboard Instructor module

Add Blackboard Instructor Module

You can provide faculty an easy way to download the Blackboard Instructor app so they can access their courses on mobile devices.

Ultra experience

If your institution has the Ultra experience, you can add a module to the Institution Page to provide instructors a direct link to download the Blackboard Instructor mobile app.

Create institution page module

  1. Log in as administrator.
  2. Select Institution Page in the left navigation.
  3. Select the plus sign in the content area and choose Custom Content.
  4. At the top of the Module Creator screen, type the title Get the Blackboard Instructor App.
  5. Select Audience and choose Faculty from the list.

    It's important to select Faculty or other appropriate role as the audience so that users download the mobile app that fits their role. You can create an additional Ultra custom content module for the Blackboard app for students.

  6. In the editor, paste this text:

    Manage your courses, send announcements, grade assignments, and connect with students - all on your phone or tablet.

    App Store for iOS

    Google Play for Android

  7. Highlight App Store for iOS and select Insert/Edit Link. Paste in this URL:
  8. Highlight Google Play for Android and select Insert/Edit Link. Paste in this URL:

You can use the editor functions to add formatting and change the text.

Original experience

The My Institution tab is a great place to promote the the Blackboard Instructor app. Use our pre-built module content to put this in place quickly.

This module is available in English only.

If you're using Blackboard Learn 9.1 or SaaS, use these instructions to create a module manually.

Step 1: Create a URL module

URL modules display web page content from outside of the system. We've created the module content for quick and easy setup on your end. The table contains recommended settings, but feel free to modify them based on your school's needs.

These instructions are for schools running the Original experience for Blackboard Learn. Tabs and modules aren't available for the Ultra experience.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, select Tabs and Modules.
  2. Select Modules.
  3. Select Create Module.
  4. Complete the Module Properties page with the recommended settings in the following table.
  5. Select Submit.
URL Module Options and Recommended Settings
Option Recommended Input
Title Example: Download Blackboard Instructor
Hide Title on Module Leave check box clear
Module Type URL
Module Category Faculty and Staff Resources
Reference Name Example: blackboard_instructor_app_info
Description Example: This module promotes the Blackboard Instructor app and provides download links for the Apple and Android app stores.
Allow Users to Personalize the Module No
Allow Users to Detach the Modue (Your choice)
System Availability Select Yes only when your school is ready to roll out the Blackboard Instructor app.
Available for Use on Course Module Page (Your choice)
Available for Users to Select from Module List (Your choice)
Available to Make this module available to instructors only.
Allow Asynchronous Loading Select this option
Select Date and Time Restrictions (Your choice)
Add Node This option shows if you're using Institutional Hierarchy for delegated node administrators.
Delegated Administrators This option shows if you're using delegated node administrators.

Step 2: Edit URL information

After you submit the Module Properties page, the Edit URL Information page appears.

  1. Complete the Edit URL Information page with the recommended settings in the following table.
  2. Select Submit.
Edit URL Information Recommended Settings
Option Recommended Input
Maximum Hours Cached Default 12 hours
Refresh Cache on Submit Leave check box clear unless otherwise directed

Step 3: Confirm settings

Preview the module to ensure the module appears as expected. Edit the module as necessary.

  1. On the Modules page, locate the new module. You might need to scroll down or advance to the next page.
  2. From the module's menu, select Preview. The preview opens in a new window.
  3. After previewing the module, make changes if needed. From the module's menu, select Edit Properties or Edit Contents.

Step 4: Place module on tab

Now you can specify where you want the module to appear to instructors.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, select Tabs and Modules.
  2. Select Tabs.
  3. Locate the Top Frame Tab that contains the tab where you want your new module to appear.

    Be sure the top frame tab you selected has a status of Available so that instructors can see it.

  4. From the tab's menu, select Default Content.
  5. From the Select Modules list, locate the module you created.
  6. Select the check boxes for Displayed and Required.
  7. Select Submit.
  8. Select the tab's menu again. Select Default Layout to adjust the position of your module.
  9. Under Other Modules, use the arrows to move your new module to the best position on the page.
  10. Select Submit.

Congratulations, you're done! Log in as an instructor to be sure the module appears as expected.

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How do I get my school started with mobile?

To get your school started with Blackboard mobile apps, you need to have a Blackboard license that includes mobile device access.

  • After the building block is installed and enabled, instructors simply download the app from the app store, search for their school name, and log in.
  • You can use the Communication and Adoption Toolkit to help spread the word on campus.

More on getting your school started with mobile

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