My Blackboard provides users with one location to view and take action on their critical academic information. It aggregates information from across the Blackboard Learn system for a user.

Some of the information in My Blackboard is available to users in other locations of Blackboard Learn, such as the Notifications Dashboard and My Grades. My Blackboard collects all key information that contribute to a user's success and presents it in one, easy to access location.

Users are introduced to My Blackboard with a login overlay when the user first enters Blackboard Learn. This overlay identifies the tools available to the user in My Blackboard and shows the user how to find them.

Accessing My Blackboard tools

My Blackboard tools are accessed from a global navigation menu at the top of every page. The menu consists of links and tools that give users direct access to the information they need.

More on how students use My Blackboard and navigation

Manage My Blackboard

My Blackboard can't be disabled. You can enable and disable some, but not all, of the tools in My Blackboard. Some of the tools collect information that is available with Blackboard Learn, such as user grades, and cannot be disabled.

My Blackboard tools

This table identifies the available My Blackboard tools.

My Blackboard Tools
Feature Description Course Delivery
Login Overlay A Login Overlay displays the first time a user accesses Blackboard. This overlay introduces the user to My Blackboard and the tools available to them. Available
Global Navigation A menu is available in the page header that provides access to tools in My Blackboard available to users. To learn how to add links here, see Hot Links on Global Navigation Panel. Available
My Blackboard My Blackboard is a single location for access to user tools, such as grades. To learn more, see My Blackboard and Navigation. Available
Bb Home This page displays highlights of what is new since the user last accessed Blackboard. Available
Posts The page displays recent post contributions to discussion boards, blogs, wikis and journals in the courses and organizations the user is enrolled in. Available
My Grades Students can view the grades from all of their courses on this page. Available
Calendar Students can view the events from all of their courses on this page. Available
Updates This page displays the notifications of what is happening in a user's course. To learn more, see Updates and Notifications. Available