The Catalog Entry Options page allows administrators to select the system availability of submitting entries to the Learning Objects catalog. If catalog entry is available, users with the selected roles can submit a Content Collection item to the catalog. Catalog managers decide if these entries are approved or rejected.

Set catalog entry options

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, select Learning Objects Catalog.
  2. Select Catalog Entry Options. The following table describes the available fields.
  3. Select Submit.
Field Description
System Availability To make catalog entry submission available on the system, select Yes or No. If Yes is selected, select which user roles receive this function. If No is selected, catalog entries may not be submitted by any users on the system.
Available to To allow all users to submit entries to the catalog, select Everyone. If your has access to community engagement features, select Selected Roles to make catalog entry submission available to users with specific roles. Select roles in the Items to Select list and use the arrows to move these roles into the Selected Items list.
Public Catalog Entry Options In the future, your institution may decide to add entries to a public catalog. If this entry should be included in a public catalog, select Yes. If the entry will not be marked for public catalogs, select No. If a public catalog is made available in the future, this option would have to be selected for each entry that is included.