Administrators can customize how the navigation menu is presented to users. For example, users can be allowed to see the menu in only the Shortcut view or the Folder view. If both options are available, default view can be selected.

Set the menu display options

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, select Display Options.
  2. Select Menu Display Options. This table describes the available fields.
Field Description
Menu Display Options
Content Collection Menu View Select the menu view that will be available to users.
Folder View Options
Display Expand All/Collapse All Icons Select Yes to display the Expand/Collapse icons to users. These icons only appear in the Folder view of the menu. Select No to hide the Expand/Collapse icons.
Display Refresh Select Yes to make the Refresh option available to users. This option is displayed only in the Folder view. Selecting this option permits users to update the left side navigation menu, refreshing the screen to show any changes that have been made to the menu. Select No to make the Refresh option unavailable to users.

User preference

If both the Folder and Shortcut view are enabled, the user's preference overrides the administrator configured default. For example, if the user selects the Shortcut view to be the default, the Shortcut view displays, even if the administrator has set the default to the Folder view.