The goal of Learn Ultra is to provide an accessible platform for students and instructors for equal access to online courses. Instructors have some responsibility to make their course content accessible. Students need to ask for accommodations if they need them. Find out how you can create and participate in inclusive learning experiences by using the accessibility features in Blackboard Learn.

Embark on Inclusivity: Watch 'Ultra's Inclusive Learning Experiences in Blackboard Learn'

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video and transcript on Youtube: Ultra's Inclusive Learning Experiences in Blackboard Learn


Provide clear instructions or expectations

Be sure that you provide your students with clear expectations, instructions, and directions for all assignments and tests. Students with cognitive impairments or learning disabilities can have trouble focusing on even simple tasks. Clear directions and understandable expectations can help them focus, making them much more likely to succeed.

Check content accessibility with Anthology Ally

Anthology Ally automatically checks course materials against WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards delivering guidance to instructors to improve the accessibility of their course content. In addition, Ally provides students with accessible alternative formats such as audio, HTML, EPUB and electronic braille.  

Learn more about Ally for LMS Help for Instructors 

Learn more about Ultra Accessibility Checker (Powered by Ally)

page 5 Images without a description Gauguin's visit (1888) When Gauguin agreed to visit Arles in 1888, Van Gogh hoped for friendship, and the realization of his idea of an artists' collective. Accessibility score for: VincentvanGogh(3).docx 47% All issues O This document contains images that are missing a description What this rneans How to add descriptions Upload a version with image descriptions Drop file to upload Browse


Provide specific and meaningful titles for the course content 

Make sure the names or titles for your folders, learning modules, documents, tests, or any other types of content are clear and meaningful for all users. This helps reading and navigation and reduces the cognitive load required to comprehend the content. Don't use repeated or vague words, such as Go, Click here, See more, or Link.

Module 1: Introduction to Accessibility @ Visible to students Gain an understanding of the importance of accessibility in design and how it impacts the user experience. Learn about the role of designers in creating inclusive and accessible digital products. 1.1 Module introduction and outcomes @ Visible to students • 1.2 Statistics and definitions @ Visible to students • 1.3 Laws & Standards @ Visible to students • 1.4 Practice Quiz Due date: 8/10/23, 12:00 AM @ Visible to students • 1.5 Discussion: Accessi

Define meaningful descriptions for content 

Alternative text for images

Provide alternative text with a concise description of the image's purpose.  

Edit File Options * Display Name screen-reader-user.png Image Type x This image is decorative and doesnt require alternative text Alternative Text User with visual disability using the screen reader to access c File Options O View and download O View only C) Download only Close

If an image is purely decorative, select the option under Image type on the Edit File Options screen.


Make sure to add a meaningful description for the link text.

  • Don't use repeated or vague words, such as Go, Click here, See more, or Link.
  • Don't use a URL as the link text.  
Insert Link * Link URL Link text How to Meet WCAG (Quick Reference) Cancel Insert

File attachments

When you upload a file attachment, replace the filename with a readable display name. A good practice is to indicate the type of file in parentheses or brackets, such as "(PDF)."

Edit File Options * Display Name JAWS support for ARIA (PDF) File Options O View and download O View only C) Download only Close x

Audio and video 

When you add video or other multimedia content to your course, replace the filename with a readable display name and alternative text. A good practice is to indicate the type of file in parentheses or brackets, such as "(MP4)."

Edit media from web * Media URL Alternative text Accessibility Tree Cancel


Edit File Options * Display Name Podcast: Why semantics matters (MP3) * Alternative Text Podcast: Why semantics matters (MP3) Close x

Use text styles to provide readable and structural content 

The content editor in Learn Ultra provides accessible controls to format content.  


Use text heading styles to provide a structure and hierarchy. Always start with highest level and don't skip levels descending.  

B 1 Title Header Subheader Paragraph

Font formats

The content editor has a size of 14pt, and the font family is Open Sans by default.  You can use Sans Serif fonts like Arial or Verdana.  

Earth's environ tell if other plan can support life, emit!Light from Different colors gases are preset Word count: 104 10 12 14 18 24 36 48


Earth's tell if ot can sup emit!Li Differen gases a Word count: Arial Comic Sans MS Ccuz±er New Noto Sans Times New Roman Verdana seline hin ou ing tm passe o diffe ch ga

Formatted lists 

Use the list buttons to create formatted lists. Use bullets for unordered lists, or numbers or letters for ordered lists. Don't create lists manually with special characters. 

Bulleted list u. B Countries • Mexico • Colombia . perü word count: 4
Numbered list Accessibility principles 1 . Perceivable 2. Operable 3. understandable 4. Robust Word count: 6


Use tables for tabular data — not for page layouts.  Select whether to include a header row or header column in the table settings.  

Insert Table Number of columns Number of rows e 2 4 x o o Header Row Header Column Cancel Insert

Provide descriptive captions for your multimedia content 

When you add video or other multimedia content to your course, include descriptive captions and transcripts for audio to ensure users with hearing impairments can consume it. 

Podcast: Why semantics matters? (MP3) 0100 / o:og Transcript: Why semantic matters (PDF) Word count: O Cancel

Use colors with sufficient contrast  

Generally, use dark colors on light or pale backgrounds and vice-versa. Font colors provided by the content editor meet minimum contrast with a white background.  

To verify the minimum contrast for fonts you can use the contrast checker tool.  

Earth's environment is tell if other planets (tho can support life, withou emit!Light from exoplan Different colors corresp gases are present, beca Word count: f 04 Black Grey Purple Blue erstal ysten ps ge hag s ligr

Set up accommodations 

Learn Ultra allows instructors to set up accommodations for tests based on individual needs, such as when the student requires more time, additional attempts, different display options, or an alternative testing location. 

Learn more about accommodations.

sociology_101 _oa • Introduction to Sociology Roster Cathy Chu INSIRuC10R Hunter Brown Student Accommodations Edit member information u en Introduction to Sociology Accommodations Select accommodations for this student. When you create graded items, students with accommodations appear in the settings. Hunter Brown Student / ID: 23423 Due date accommodation Students with a due date accommodation never have their work marked late. When students with accommodations are in a group, all students in that group in

Assessment exceptions 

With these settings, instructors can add exceptions to the established availability settings for a test or an assessment for an individual or group of students. Exceptions provide an accommodation to a student with a disability, such as allowing more time or attempts on the test. 

Learn more about individual student assessment exceptions.

Learn more about group assessment exceptions.


Introduction to Astronomy - Master Course Test 2: Galaxy Selected student Nataly Espinosa_PreviewUser Assessment due date 6/17/23 3:00 PM ae sure your show date occurs before the assessment due date and your hide date occurs after the assessment due date Show on Date Hide after Date Attempts allowed Time Time Your student will not be able to make any further submissions. Cancel