Having problems with sending messages?

While there may be issues on the recipient's end when it comes to sending messages, this section will show you how to review sent messages, how to cancel messages, and what to do if you need to resend messages.

Review the Outbox

When you have an issue with a sent message, review the Outbox to see the current status.

Details include the time the message will be or has been sent, the delivery current status, and administrator approval of the message.

  1. Select Messages > Outbox.
  2. View more information on each message by selecting the name to access the Message Tracking report.

Cancel a message

While you can't cancel a message that is currently being delivered, you can cancel messages up to 5 minutes before the delivery.

  1. Select Messages > Message Tracking.
  2. Select the criteria to include the message you want to cancel in the Message Tracking report.
  3. Select Generate Report.
  4. Select the message you want to cancel to view the Progress page.
  5. Select Cancel Message.
  6. Select OK on the warning message.

Resend a Teacher Communications message

Contact your system administrator if you want to resend a message, or you can recreate the message. Only administrators can resend a message. The following steps are for system administrators only.

  1. Open the Message Tracking report:
    • You can access the Message Tracking report by selecting Messages or Reports.
    • Select Message Tracking.
  2. Select Edit from the Details page of the Message Tracking report.

    The Edit button is only available to system administrators.

  3. Update the following options:

    The only way to change the recipients of a message is to cancel the message and re-create it. Remember to save the changes made to the message! You can review the current list of the recipients by selecting View Recipients.

    • The start time of the message.
    • The end time of the message.
    • The delivery methods.
  4. Select Save.
  5. On the Progress page, select Activate Message.

The message will be sent during the new time frame.