Audible notifications are system messages sent as sounds to notify users when certain important events occur in a session.

Enable and Disable Audible Notifications

In the Preferences window, you can hear each notification sound. You can also enable or disable the built-in sets of audible notifications, Basic and All.

  1. Open the Preferences window:
    • From the Edit menu, click Preferences (Windows).
    • From the Blackboard Collaborate menu, click Preferences (Mac OS X).
  2. In the left panel of the Preferences window, click Audible Notifications in the General section.
  3. To hear a notification sound, click its preview icon.
  4. Enable and disable the notifications for the various events:
    • To create a custom set of notifications, select the Enabled check boxes for the appropriate notifications.
    • Click Basic at the bottom of the panel. This is the default setting and includes the Hand Raised Alarm, Recording in Progress, Start Recording, Stop Recording, and Timer Alarm events.
    • Click All at the bottom of the panel. Note that all events are selected.

Blackboard Collaborate remembers your settings for all sessions you join on the same computer.