The Metric report is designed to provide a detailed overview of your Collaborate with the Ultra experience usage. Information includes the frequency and scale your institution is using so you can make informed decisions about the service.

Download the Metric report

The Metric report is available as a CSV download only. Only managers can download the Metric report.

  1. Log into the Scheduler as a manager, select Reports and Institution reports.
  2. Select Metric report.
  3. Choose the Date range for the report.

    The date range can't be longer than 6 months.

  4. Select View Report.

The Metric report includes several columns, and each column is aggregated per day. For example, if you would like this report run for a week there will be 7 rows in the CSV. Each row represents a single day.

Metric CSV export column names

  • SessionsCreated: Number of total sessions created
  • SessionInstancesLaunched: Number of sessions launched (unique instances of a session)
  • SessionTime: Total duration of all sessions
  • Attendees: Number of attendees (in all sessions)
  • AttendeesUnique: Number of unique attendees (in all sessions)

    Attendees includes all attendees in every session throughout the day. Even if an attendee joins more than one session it is counted. AttendeesUnique shows how many attendees joined a session during the day. It doesn't count if the attendee joined more than one session. For example, an institution has 50 students and teaches 20 sessions in a day that all 50 students attend. Attendees would be 1,000. AttendeesUnique would only be 50.

  • AttendeesSessionPeak: Highest number of concurrent attendees in a single session (peak number of attendees in a session, at any point in time)
  • AttendeesPeak: Highest number of attendees in a login group that were in sessions for that day
  • SessionInstancesPeak: Highest number of concurrent sessions (unique instances of a session), highest number of unique sessions running at the same time
  • Session20: Number of sessions with at least 20 attendees
  • Session50: Number of sessions with at least 50 attendees
  • Session100: Number of sessions with at least 100 attendees
  • Recordings: Number of recordings made
  • RecordingDuration: Number of recorded minutes