You create tests and assignments in a desktop web browser view of your course. You can preview tests and assignments in the app.

Preview tests and assignments

Navigate to Course Content in the app and tap a test to preview assessments that you created in Blackboard Learn. You can see what students experience when they complete a test or assignment in the student app. All of the assessment details are available to view, such as due dates, attempts, points possible, and instructions.

Tests and assignments indicate if they are hidden from students or not available to students. You can preview hidden or unavailable assessments in Blackboard Instructor, but students don't see this content in the student app.

Some test features aren't available in the mobile app. We suggest that you preview a test in Blackboard Instructor before you recommend that students take it in the Blackboard app for students.

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Grading in the app

You can grade Original course assignments in the app.

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