Android users need update to maintain push notifications

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) was discontinued in April 2019. Due to this change, the Blackboard apps migrated to Google’s new Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). To maintain push notifications on your Android device, please update to Blackboard Instructor 2.5.

iOS force to web logins recorded three times in activity accumulator table (resolved)

Resolved in Blackboard Instructor version 2.8 released on June 24, 2019.

The activity accumulator table in the Blackboard Learn database records Mobile Login Attempt three times for every mobile app user login on iOS when the Mobile B2 is configured with Force to Web authentication. This affects logins from both the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps. Mobile usage activity statistics for logins will be inflated for iOS app users.

Can’t scroll after marking up assignment file

During grading, instructors are unable to scroll on open assignment attachments after using the annotation mode. When instructors switch to annotation mode with the pencil icon, and then tap Done, they can no longer scroll up or down in the document. As a workaround, instructors can close the document and access it again to regain the ability to scroll. 

Grade rounding differs from desktop view (resolved)

Resolved in Blackboard Instructor version 2.8 released on June 24, 2019.

The Blackboard Instructor and the Blackboard app enforce these rounding rules that may cause grades to display differently from than the Blackboard Learn desktop browser experience.

  1. If the score or percentage is greater than 100, it is rounded to the nearest whole number.
  2. If the score or percentage is less than 100, it is rounded to 2 decimal places.
  3. Insignificant figures are not displayed.

Recurring Collaborate sessions don't open in app (resolved)

Resolved in Blackboard Instructor version 2.12 released on October 24, 2019.

When users access a course through the Blackboard app or Blackboard Instructor app and tap on a Collaborate session, the session won't launch if it's part of a recurring series. The app displays an error message with instructions to access through the web. This issue doesn't occur for single Collaborate sessions, only recurring sessions.

App crashes when discussion threads accessed on iOS 12 (resolved)

Resolved in Blackboard Instructor version 2.1.1 released on September 27, 2018.

When users tap a discussion board thread, the Blackboard Instructor app crashes consistently on iOS 12. Blackboard is working toward a resolution. At this time, it’s best to delay the iOS upgrade until a hotfix is available for the app.

Box cloud storage not available on iOS (resolved)

Resolved in Blackboard Instructor version 2.1 by integrating with the iOS Files app. In iOS Files, you can add Box as a location. More on iOS Files integration

The iOS version of the app supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive (personal). Integration with Box cloud storage is not supported by Blackboard Instructor on iOS devices at this time. In contrast, Android offers all cloud storage apps integrated with the device file system.

OneDrive for business not supported (resolved)

Resolved in Blackboard Instructor version 2.1.

The link to cloud storage feature supports integration with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and personal MS OneDrive accounts. OneDrive for Business is not supported.

Course list favorites

In the Ultra experience on a desktop web browser, users can add courses to a Favorites list for quick access. Favorite courses appear at the top of the course list. The Favorites list is not supported by the mobile apps, and favorite courses will not appear at the top of the list.

Activity indicators for active Collaborate rooms

For Ultra courses on a desktop web browser, an indicator appears when a Collaborate room is in use. The activity indicator for active Collaborate rooms is not supported by the mobile apps.

DUO 2FA Push Notification not supported

The DUO 2FA Push Notification method is not currently supported by the Blackboard mobile apps. Some configurations appear to work on Android and older iOS devices, but there is a known issue with iOS 11. To authenticate in the apps via a mechanism which has implemented DUO 2FA security, use the passcode method.

Can't access past or future courses (resolved)

Resolved in Blackboard Instructor version 2.13. Instructors can view past, current, and future courses as well as unavailable or hidden courses. More on Blackboard Instructor course list

At this time, the Blackboard Instructor app allows access only to courses that are currently available to students.

Unavailable courses don't appear in the Blackboard Instructor app. This is a bug.

Custom instructor role support

Support for custom instructor roles requires the following SaaS version, Cumulative Update, or Blackboard Mobile Web Services Building Block:

  • SaaS 3300.6.0
  • SaaS FDO 3300.0.2
  • Q4 2017 CU2
  • Q2 2017 CU6
  • Q4 2016 Mobile B2 94.9.8
  • Q2 2016 Mobile B2 94.9.8

Blackboard Instructor not compatible with Session Fingerprint

Resolved in Blackboard Learn SaaS 3500.7+

The Blackboard Instructor app is not compatible with Session Fingerprint settings to create a new session when the fingerprint changes. Several types of content that are not supported in the native UI are loaded in an in-app browser (webView), which uses a different user agent than the native app view. The traffic for webView requests does not go through the mBaaS relay like native requests, so the remote IP address and user agent changes. Therefore, the user agent and IP address must change in any webView workflow, and attempting to create a new session upon a change to the session fingerprint causes a session failure in the webView in-app browser.

App usage not recorded in Mobile Building Block Analytics

Mobile Building Block Analytics don't include usage for the Blackboard app or the Blackboard Instructor app. The Mobile Analytics link was removed from the Mobile B2 with version 94.9.11.

More on mobile usage activity

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