In the Blackboard app for Windows, your course discussions look a bit different than on a web browser. Spend a few minutes getting familiar with the new look and you'll feel right at home.

Access discussions

To access discussions, tap a course title and then swipe right or tap the left arrow.

Image showing how to tap a forum to view its threads
  1. Tap a folder to view discussions.
  2. Tap a discussion to reply or start a new thread.

You might see a link to discussions on the Course Content screen in the app. This link opens a small version of your desktop web browser view of course discussions. This link shows in the app because it's included in the course menu of the web view of your course. For the best experience in the Blackboard app, we recommend you access discussions by swiping right to use the app's built-in discussion tool.

Navigate to other areas

Swipe left or right to switch between Course Content, Grades, and Discussions. Swipe down to navigate to a previous area.

Participate in discussions

After you select a forum or folder, tap Start a thread to begin a new conversation. Type your message. Tap Start now to post it.

Alternatively, tap an existing thread to participate in it. Tap Add reply and then type your message. Tap Add reply again to post your message to the rest of the class.

The Start a Thread button only appears if your instructor selected settings that allow you to create threads.

Edit and delete posts

You can edit or delete your own posts only if your instructor has made those options available to you in the discussion's settings. You can't edit or delete others' posts. If you post a message in error and the option to delete it isn't available to you, contact your instructor.

Tap a discussion post or reply that you authored. The Edit and Delete options appear. If the options are grayed out, your instructor hasn't allowed these functions.

You'll be asked to confirm deletion of a post or reply because this action is irreversible. Your instructor determines if you can delete just your post or your post with all replies. If you're allowed to delete your post with replies, all posts are permanently deleted. If you're editing a message, you aren't asked to confirm the action.

Graded discussions

Instructors can choose to grade entire forums or individual discussion threads. Forums and threads can also be ungraded.

When you access a discussion that is graded, the maximum score is listed. After your instructor grades the discussion, the date and time of grading shows.

View grades

From the main Discussions screen, swipe right to access Grades and view scores for your discussion contributions. Tap the grade to view your posts, instructor feedback, and any available grading criteria.

Grading criteria

If your instructor associated a grading rubric, you can tap Grading Criteria to see a breakdown of scoring requirements.

Some discussion features available only in web version

A few features aren't in the app, but are still available in the web version of Blackboard Learn. For example, log in to Blackboard on your computer if you want to rate posts.

I don't see Discussions in the app

Your school's Blackboard system needs to have the latest mobile update for you to see Discussions in the app. If you don't see Discussions now, your institution likely needs to update Blackboard Learn.

Administrators: To ensure Discussions appear for your school's Blackboard app users, update the Mobile Web Services building block. For more information, please see the release notes.

Ultra Course View

Your school might have courses in both the Original Course View and Ultra Course View. If this doesn't sound familiar, you probably have only the Original Course View and can skip this information.

More on Original Course View and Ultra Course View

When you access discussions in the app, the functions align with the web view of that course. For example, the Original Course View allows more levels of nested replies than the Ultra Course View. The app's functions reflect the capabilities available in the course view.

The app uses a folder icon to represent both discussion forums for the Original Course View and discussion folders for the Ultra Course View.