Image of course list in Bb Student

In the Blackboard app for Windows, your course list opens to a list of current courses where you're enrolled as a student. If you have past or upcoming courses, you can swipe left or right to display them. Unavailable courses don't appear in the app. Organizations aren't supported at this time.

The app places courses in the current, past, or upcoming lists based upon the course duration specified in the course's settings. This organizes your courses effortlessly and meets your needs most of the time. However, there might be times when you want to hide old courses.

Organizations aren't supported at this time.

Hide or show courses

You can clean up your view of the Current course list. For example, hide a course that you no longer need to access. A past course might continue to show because of the course's date settings.

At the bottom of the list, tap the box that states how many hidden courses you have. Next, tap to hide or show a specific course. You can reverse the action at any time. These changes only apply to your view of the course list.

Information for hidden courses isn't included in Grades and Activity Stream.

Due to a performance issue, Due Dates still shows hidden course's information at this time.

Where are my courses?

If you don't see a course, it hasn't been opened by your school yet. The Blackboard app only shows courses that are open and available. Often, courses are opened near the first day of classes.

The Blackboard app is designed especially for students. If you have a different role in a course, such as teaching assistant or instructor, the course doesn't display in the student version of the Blackboard app.